People you have encountered

The many faces…

This will be a very short list of the memorable, or not so memorable NPC’s the players have spoken to or encountered through out their journey. This will include monsters and any encounters in dreams, but not details of the persons themselves. If you wish to have further detail about a specific person please check the Non Player Characters page, but if they are not listed then just speak with me.

Death’s visage – as a spectre outside of the window (needed a high perception check)

Ision Innkeep of the Cracked Skull – a strange innkeeper that spoke of the Temple of Qamar as if he knew it well.

Random Qamar Cleric – a mad man having a conversation with a skull of a woman apparently.

Matilda – the innkeep of the Cracked Skull’s large wife and aparent cleric of Qamar, likes to lounge in a polymorphed state of a fat angry cat.

Spider Librarian – a terrifing horror who loves books and takes her job as the Temple of Qamar’s head librarian very seriously. Came up with the system of a pint of blood in exchange for three checked out books.

Hafling tavern owners – the owners of the small tavern/buffett in the village outside of Ision both are aged females that seemed to swoon at Amiel’s character and offered him imense portions of food.

Retarded Gnoll bandits – highly flamable bandits that thought they had an easy score with their makeshift blockade set up at the first crossroads east of Ision. (all encountered are deceased)

Creepy doll in an abandoned covered wagon – burnt to a crisp now, so who knows what it was.

Ashen Slaver – a follower of Aitan, also now burnt to a crisp, who was carrying twenty slaves to be traded.

Twenty High Elf slaves – a random assortment of elves that were set free by the PC’s once they traded them for Flair, now roam the area looking for their homes.

Jackal Slaver – a completely fur covered jackal like woman with acidic blood, she was the original owner of Flair. She and her two lackeys are now deceased.

Slaver Lackeys – two human slavers killed in the skirmish with the Jackal Slaver, appeared to be her body guards of sorts and clerics of Aitan as well.

Flair – Pretty boy half elf diva bard. Given his freedom after he slept with Yas (Mike’s character) by sweet talking a group of merchants into hiring him.

Group of Merchants – on their way to sell their wares they were stopped outside the Searing Forest and could not decide a way around/through. Spoke to Autumn’s character with great respect and eventually agreed to hire Flair and purchase the stolen horses from the party.

Dark Fey – a swarm of little grey fairies that feed off love, they left the PC’s unmolested as no love could be found.

Orange Goblins – a large group of curious and supersitious cowardly folk. These small, but armed, creatures simply wanted to follow the PC’s and see if they had any food. When the PC’s crossed into the clearing of the Tituban Monestary the goblins quickly ran off in fright of the place.

Deathling – a shape changing form of Death that seems all to eager to recruit the PC’s into Death’s Smile.

Death’s Smile – a group of macabre adventures under the secret employ of the Grace that have sought out the PC’s for the purpose of recruitment. See Death’s Smile for details of individuals and history.

People you have encountered

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