Non Player Characters

Everyone Else

I will not list every single person you are going to encounter, despite how well you like a particular NPC unless they becomes a party memeber or enter a relationship with a PC, they’re not getting an entry on this page. The lists will be seperated into Ruling Class, Important, and Emotional. The Ruling Class list will be a list of all NPC’s that are in a position of power (such as a King or Knight), the Important list will be NPC’s that the PC’s have met along the way and need to remember, and the Emotional list will be NPC’s that PC’s have entered into relationships with (not just romantic ones, but anything really).

Ruling Class

The Grace- There is no one on the surface of Maia as important as “The Grace”, according to herself….The Grace is a mysterious woman in charge of The Illustrious Church of the Sleeping Moons in Cyzarine (Maia’s largest city). The Grace is a title given to those in this position, because they are said to be the penicale of religious perfection and grace. Whether they want to or not, with religion being such a huge factor in every day life, all rulers of the kingdoms must get The Grace’s blessing before they make any decisions regarding their own lands.


Dolly – A type of dullahan, Dolly is cursed to forever live with her head detached from her body. Shy, sweet, and some what of an air head she takes the PC’s jabs and jokes at her expense with as much grace and good humor as she can. She is the lowest full member of Death’s Smile, and generally treated as a burden by the others.


Flair – No one likes Flair, but thanks to Yas they’ll always have the mental image of his naked butt burned into their memories. Flair was an unfortunate rescue that happend when the PC’s came across a slaver who was going to trade twenty elven slaves and three hundred gold for the half elf bard. Flair is an over confident spoiled diva of a man, and though he is very pretty that soon gets old when you spend time with him. The party travled briefly with him until he finally gave in and sexed up Yas then sweet talked a group of merchants into hiring him as a body gaurd.

Non Player Characters

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