Cities you have visited

Where have you been…?

I understand that with the sporadic way we play that it’s very easy to forget where you’ve been exactly. So here will be a little list of the places you have been and why you were there. If you need a more detailed description of the certain area then please visit Geography.

Ision – This is where the campaign started

Unnamed small village 1 – A gathering of no more than twenty houses and a tavern run by two aging halfling women.

Unnamed town 1 – The fairly averaged size town where the exchange for Flair took place. The PC’s stole four horses from this area.

The Searing Forest – The small suposedly cursed forest that the Tituban Monestary was in.

Tituban Monestary – An ancient ruined temple to a false god that the PC’s funeral was held in.

Unknown Palace – This fairly recently built palace seems to be on a hill that over looks Cyzarine, this is where the PC’s were taken while they “slept” in their coffins and are currently.

Cities you have visited

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