The Ivory God

A black envelope
Invited to your own funeral

The entire story will start in the city of Ision. For reasons that you can decide you are staying in the town’s only Inn, the Cracked Skull. The building stands three stories, and has a cozy little fire pit in the center of it’s lobby made of smashed skulls from various creatures. Other than the macabre decor the area is inviting and no one feels threatened when out and about.

In the middle of the night you are awoken by a shrill scraping noise on your window (Perception 25 to see a grim reaper staring at you for a split second) As you go to investigate you notice a small black envelope with a silver ribbon sitting on your window sill. (This is a common practice for funeral invitations, though they are usually delivered in person) The envelope feels cold to the touch, as if it has been refrigerated, and since it is now a warm summer’s night…this is most unusual. Once you open the envelope two silver coins drop out of it and clatter on the floor. Inside the letter is a silver piece of paper with blood red ink (again this is typical of funeral arrangements). As you start to read the letter becomes more and more bizarre.

To the distressed party,

It is with a heavy heart and soul that I must inform you that someone very close to you has been taken from this life, but fear not for they are about to embark on a brand new journey. It may come as a surprise to know that you have now passed away. It was a short and tragic life you led, filled with more than enough regret but that is now behind you. Rejoice, my friend, for you are no longer cold and alone. No longer shall you be adrift alone in the sea of life, but now are anchored with in the sweet embrace of Death. Kokuu may have severed your life force, but she will not claim your soul. The arrangements to bid you your final farewell have already been put into place, and you are expected to attend your funeral in the glorious ruins of the Tituban Monastery along with your fellow deceased. The service will be held in one week’s time when the solstice moons hang high in the air. Please dress accordingly.

Forever Yours,

It’s your funeral

It’s a little disturbing to be invited to your own funeral, one would imagine. This must be a prank, but still getting to the bottom of this is top priority. The PC’s can ask anyone they wish (gather info 15 “Y’know you’re not the only one asking about their own funeral…”, gather info 25 “I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of this before…” , and a gather info 30 “Well…rumor has it that there is a secret group of Knights that use funeral rites as an initiation…”). Whatever the PC’s route they choose they will now be introduced to one another, if they don’t know each other already.

Getting to the Tituban Monastery will be tricky, since no one really knows where it’s located, so some sort of research or guide will be handy. If PCs have knowledge religion or geography then they can at least know which forest it is in with a DC check in either of 20. The easiest option for information will be to go to the temple in Ision and gain acess to it’s library. Getting into the Temple of Madness and the PC’s journey to the library will be completely made up on the fly because anything dedicated to Qamar must be completely insane.

After speaking with the giant spider librarian the PC’s have detirmed the location of the monestary and found that it has an odd and long history some how all connected to The Grace. After departing Ision the PC’s encountered a group of Gnolls that had set up a haphazard blockade in an illconceived attempt to gather up treasure, once they were done burning the dog men to death the PC’s then travelled North until they came upon a slave trader and his wares. The fight was easy enough, only slightly complicated by the fact that none of the party members wished to kill the slaves. Once the slaver was defeated the party looted his corpse and found a note of ownership of the slaves, three hundred gold, a pair of marvelous golden and ruby earings, and a letter of intention to transfer ownership of the gold and slaves for another single slave at a set time and destination.

The PC’s decided then to stage a false exchange and ended up killing the other slavers, freeing the twenty high slaves, and keeping the one they had traded for. The new slave, named Flair, was under Yas’s control for a while until just outside the Searing forest when the party encountered a group of merchants who were willing to let him be their guide to their destination.

Once inside the forest the PC’s encountered a swarm of frightening little grey fairies and a group of orange annoying goblins, both encounters went with out violence. The fairies had no interest in the group and the goblins ran off once the party got to close to the monestary.

(Don’t worry right now, I’ll put in more detail when I get time. All this is so I don’t forget what’s happend, and so you can look at it until I get a better version written out)

Funeral was held, Volt got in first, Amiel next while naked, then Yas a little aprehensive, and then finally Autumn who was shaking and bawling. The players then woke up somewhere else having apparently been in the coffins until about six months later. They then feasted with the dark knights after having changed clothes and harrasing Dolly.


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