The Crystal Tears

The Tears of the Gods


Each Tear is about three inches tall and two inches in diameter, and made out of unbreakable crystal. The Tear resembles a diamond of the particular God’s colouring (Good=White, Chaos=Red, Evil=Black) cut into the shape of a tear drop with inhuman skill. The Tear will glow very slightly and give off a slight warmth, but other than that there is no indication of the great powers it holds with in. Every Tear is immune to all forms of scrying, and can not be detected with detect magic. Over the years the Tears have been affixed to weapons or decorative casings, but the exact descriptions of these items has been lost.


Heralding the end of the Great Race War the three Tears descended to Maia as the Ancient Gods took up their now eternal slumber. These Tears are powerful artifacts symbolizing the regret and remorse the Ancient ones had over all the conflict they had created, and are widely regarded as a means to communicate with the Old Gods. The Tears are over ten thousand years old and their whereabouts are completely unknown, though there are uncounted stories of where they might be perchance.

From a religious stand point these Tears are the single most important thing left by the gods, and have the power to bring Maia into a new age full of purity and happiness. Since their descent there have been numerous attempts to gather the Tears, but any one brave or foolish enough to go after them has never been heard of again. It is said that each Tear has a guardian that one must defeat before attaining such a powerful item, but again this is little more than speculation. The Tears are plastered through out history, claiming to have helped in their own way during very important events. Their images can also be found on any religious documents and most masonry.

The Tears are very important, but as time goes by their meaning has been all but lost. They now are little more than just a symbol, and the fact that they might have once existed is debated by scholars and priests alike.

The Crystal Tears

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